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Today's date: 29/5/2017


       Undisputed events testify, from those who conceived, designed, developed and even those that are operating Bingham University that God Himself is solidly building Bingham University. This is even more so as movement to our Karu permanent site and subsequent developments clearly indicate that the University has the potential to attain great heights for this nation. With undaunted faith in Him there is divine assurance that Bingham University will produce fruits that will last. The conception of a Christian University in 1985 by the Founding Fathers resulted in the Federal Government of Nigeria granting the licence in 2005’ A big parcel of land was donated by the late Esu Karu and his people in Kodape, Karu.We remain grateful for this and other gestures. We also thank the Former Governor of Nasarawa State, Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi for the Certificate of occupancy and other facilities he provided on our campusThe zeal and desire by the Proprietor {ECWA Executive), ECWA Family, ECWA Friends and many organizations and individuals confirm to us that God Himself is in total control. Just as he has always been faithful.

       The information compiled in this document is meant to bring awareness and enlightenment to  what the Sudan Interior Mission and Evangelical Churches of West Africa, have always stood for since their inception in 1893,  i.e  evangelism through education and health care. This country has enjoyed, for over one century, the resultant benefits of SIM/ECWA evangelism approach. Bingham University is structured to go a step further by upgrading level of education and the health care services that were rendered for ages in ECWA Institutions in Egbe, Evangel Hospital in Jos, Eye Hospital in Kano and many Leprosaria  including those at Zaria, Katsina  Sokoto, Okegbola etc.,  by producing medical doctors, and  other health professionals and para-medical manpower for many decades in the past will be an upgrade for future generation.  Our programs in the Faculty of Science and Technology, Humanities, Social and Management Sciences and the College of Medicine are  to train the needed manpower for the church and the nation.

       In Bingham, the thrust is not only to give first-class academic and professional training, but also to disciple all students for Christ. So far we praise God for His hands on the students and this effort will continue to be pursued with vigour because it is His will. 

       B.U also plans to serve the nation is by producing graduates that will be self-reliant, self- actualizing, self-employed and self-sustaining through the fear of God . The Students’ hostels are being built. Lecture Halls and laboratories are being put in place. Please take some minutes to go through this document.
       Our faith in God remains resolute as we trust Him to accomplish His will for Bingham University (Phil.4:19). Remain blessed and active as you participate in this development throughout your years on earth in Jesus’ precious name-Amen.